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12 nuits = 60 euros

General Terms & Conditions of the Programme Contact & Moi as of the 1st of January 2019

IMPORTANT: The Contact & Moi Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions are governed by Article 1369-1 and following of the French Civil Code.

Article I. Object

The purpose of the Contact & Moi Loyalty Programme (hereinafter referred to as the "Programme")  is to enable members (hereinafter referred to as the "Member") to accumulate points for reimbursements.

The Programme is implemented by Contact Hôtel Services, with registered office located at 2 rue de Preize, 10 000 Troyes, in accordance with the provisions of Article 211-1 of the French Tourism Code.

Article II. Programme Membership

1. Steps to follow:

Anyone wishing to join the programme has three options:

Option no. 1: During your stay at a Contact Hôtel, you can make your request to join at reception. A valid e-mail address will be requested and the point(s) accumulated during the stay will be credited to a temporary account linked to the e-mail address provided. An email to validate your email address will be sent to you, and by clicking on the link you can accept the present Terms and Conditions of the Programme and finalize the creation of your "Contact & Moi" online loyalty account (hereinafter referred to as the "Account"). The accumulated points will then be activated.

Option no. 2: Log in and register at "" in order to accept the present Terms and Conditions of the Programme and finalize the creation of your Account.

Option no. 3: Call* the Contact & Moi service at 03 25 45 87 08 to pre-register. An email will be sent to you containing a link to the site "" via which you can accept the present Terms and Conditions of the Programme and finalize the creation of your Account.

* From Monday to Wednesday from 8:30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6pm.

2. Conditions:

The same client (same first name, last name, date of birth and postal address) can only join the Programme once. A valid individual email address is required to join the Programme. The same e-mail address will not be accepted for two Members.

The Account is strictly personal. It cannot be sold or lent. Each Account created is associated with a unique loyalty number, a unique email address and a single Member. In addition, the Member must be able to present valid ID.

Membership of the Programme is free and open to any individual of legal age.

Article III. How the Programme works

1. Types of Accounts:

The Contact & Moi loyalty programme is a digital-only programme. Customers are not required to have a physical card and instead track their points on their online account. Two types of accounts are offered and must be selected when joining the programme:

a) TOURISM Account

This account is intended for customers who stay at least two nights per year at one of our hotels. The Member will be reimbursed €20 for every 6 loyalty points earned in the Contact Hôtel Group (see Section 4. Reimbursement).

b) PRO Account

This account is intended for business and non-business guests staying at least four nights per year at the hotel. The member will be reimbursed (see amounts in Section ii. Benefits) for every 12 loyalty points earned in the Contact Hôtel Group. In addition, the member also benefits from statuses according to the number of nights spent per year. These statuses allow the member to benefit from certain advantages.

i. The statuses

For PRO members only, four statuses are possible according to the number of nights spent per year: Explorer, Traveller, Collector and Globetrotter.

Number of nighrs/year

- than 12 nights

13 to 36 nights

37 to 60 nights

+ than 60 nights







The status is updated between January 1st and 15th of each year (n) according to the number of nights spent the previous year (n-1). A member may upgrade to a higher status during the year, but may not downgrade to a lower status until the update at the beginning of the next year.


·     24/02/2019: join with the status EXPLORER

·     11/05/2019: after 12 nights = reimbursement of 54€

·     12/05/2019: after 13 nights = upgrade to status TRAVELLER

·     10/06/2019: after 24 nights = reimbursement of 56€

·     04/10/2019: after 36 nights = reimbursement of 65€

·     08/10/2019: after 37 nights = upgrade to status COLLECTOR

·     31/12/2019 : a total number of 49 nights in 2019

·     January 1st, 2020 = status COLLECTOR

·     31/12/2020 : a total number of 20 night in 2020

·     January 1st, 2021 = status Traveller


ii.   Advantages






Reimbursement of €40 if one hotel visited and upon request. (More details about reimbursements in Article III. Section 2.)






Freephone number 03 25 45 87 08 or by online chat on from Mondays to Fridays and from 8:30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm or at

Members who subscribed to our newsletters receive point offers.


Offered upon check-in or check-out, to the Member of the Programme Contact & Moi and the persons occupying the Member’s room, limited to 2 persons. A hospitality room tray can replace this advantage.


A welcome beverage is offered among a selection available at the hotel. This non-alcoholic beverage will be offered upon check-in to the Member and to the persons using the same room, limited to 2 persons. A hospitality room tray including a water bottle can replace this advantage.




More than 250 000 discounts and deals among 3 500 partners in France. More information on you loyalty account.



Not guaranteed and subject to availability, in the immediately higher category. The choice of the room is at the discretion of the hotel. This advantage does not apply to hotels with no different room categories.



A service (spa, parking, pool...) may be offered if available at the hotel and subject to availability.




Pour remercier les Membres Globe-trotter, des points bonus seront offerts en début d’année suivante. Ces points sont attribués directement par le Siège du Groupement Contact Hôtel.





2. Reimbursement:

a) PRO Account

After earning 12 points, the member is therefore refunded for their last night on the basis of the price paid for 1 room, plus breakfast (if consumed and paid for) according to the following conditions:

If the member earns 12 points in one establishment, the Member may request a refund of €40 or choose to use a second establishment to get a larger refund.

If the Member earns the 12 points in two or more establishments, they can benefit from refunds based on their status at the time of the refund.

In addition, at the refund stage, the Member must be able to present valid ID.

Examples of reimbursements:

Nights at the same hotel:

Room at 65€ without breakfast à 40€ reimbursed

Room at 39€ without breakfast à 39€ reimbursed

Room at 48€ + breakfast à 40€ reimbursed


Nights in at least 2 different hotels:

Room at 65€ without breakfast à between 54 and 60€ reimbursed, according to the status

Room at 52€ without breakfast à 52€ reimbursed

Room at 48€ + breakfast at 10€ à between 54 and 58 € reimbursed according to the status


a) TOURISM account:

The Member is refunded €20 once they have earned 6 points in one or more establishments.

In addition, at the refund stage, the Member must be able to present valid ID.

Examples of reimbursements:

Room at 65€ without breakfast à 20€ reimbursed

Room at 39€ without breakfast à 20€ reimbursed

Room at 48€ + breakfast at 10€ à 20€ reimbursed


c) Method of reimbursement

At the time of reimbursement (at the 6th point for the Tourism account or at the 12th point for the PRO account), the Member shall be reimbursed in cash or by check.

If the Member does not wish to be reimbursed in cash or by check, they may request a deduction from the last hotel bill.


3.  Points:

a) Obtaining points

Each night spent in a Contact Hôtel is worth one point. To earn points, Members need to provide their loyalty number, email address, mobile number or name. For faster use, the Member can request a blank plastic card from the hotel reception. The member will be able to write their name and loyalty number on the back.

Points for stays prior to the account creation date cannot be added after the account is created.

Contact & Moi points cannot be individually redeemed, exchanged, transferred or given away, nor can they be combined with those of any other Contact & Moi Programme Member.

Loyalty points earned by the Member will be credited to the Member's account, regardless of the identity of the person or entity paying for the stays at Contact Hôtels, provided that the Member has presented their loyalty number and/or name at the time of booking the stay, and/or at the time of arrival or departure. Members shall be responsible for informing any third party or legal entity paying for stays at Contact Hôtels, including the Member's employer, of the loyalty points and benefits earned under the programme.

b) Validity of points

Contact & Moi points are valid for 36 to 39 months depending on the date the point is awarded. By default, the Member will receive a quarterly email informing them of points expiring in the upcoming quarter.

Example: a point obtained on 16/10/2020 will remain valid until 31/12/2023. The Member will be notified on 01/10/2023 of points expiring at the end of the current quarter. After this period, any unused points are permanently lost.

c) Eligibility

Contact & Moi points are valid for reservations made by telephone directly with the hotel or the Contact Hôtel Services reservation centre, or on the hotel's own website or on the Contact Hôtel website: They are valid on posted rates, evening stopover rates, BB rates (room + breakfast) and Contact Hôtel gift vouchers, excluding the restrictions below.

d) Restrictions

Contact & Moi points are NOT valid for: bookings by e-distributors, tour operators, travel agencies, distribution channels, negotiated rates, corporate rates, promotions, seminars, packages, gift boxes and vouchers issued by Contact Hôtel for partner assistance companies.

4.  Duration

Membership of the Programme is for an indefinite period.

5.  Cancellation

The Member has the right to stop participating in the Programme at any time by stating the decision in writing by e-mail to: or by mail to:

Contact Hôtel Services

Contact & Moi

2 Rue de Preize

10 000 Troyes – France

In the event of termination, all points available in the Online Account prior to the termination date will be permanently forfeited.

6.  Modification

The Programme may be suspended, modified or deleted, in whole or in part and at any time on the initiative of Contact Hôtel. Members will be informed of this by receiving an e-mail (provided that the e-mail address provided by the Member is still valid). No modification, suspension or termination of the Programme shall entitle a Member to compensation. In the event that the Programme is terminated, on the day the Programme is terminated, any points available in the Member's Online Account will be permanently lost.

7.  Conversion of old paper cards

Members were given the opportunity to convert the stickers on their old paper cards (legacy program) in 2014. From 1st January 2015, the old stickers have no value.

Article IV. Hotels:

1.   Hotels participating in the program

The Programme is valid in the hotels of the Contact Hôtel Group in France on the day of the reservation and stay, listed on the site "". This list is regularly updated. Members are invited to check the participation of the hotels in which they wish to stay.

If an establishment leaves the Contact Hôtel Group after the reservation, but before the stay, no points will be awarded.

2.   Claims

Each Programme Member must personally ensure that the points they have earned are credited to their Online Account by the participating hotel. Within two weeks of the date on which the corresponding services were consumed, the Member must submit their claim, together with their loyalty number and all necessary supporting documents.

All claims should be sent by email to: or by mail to:

Contact Hôtel Services

Contact & Moi

2 Rue de Preize

10 000 Troyes – France

If the claim is justified, then points are credited as of the date the claim is processed.

Article V. Liability

1.   Responsibility of Contact Hôtel

The points provided to Members by participating hotels are provided within the framework of the terms of use drawn up by Contact Hôtel Services. In the event of a computer system failure, Contact Hôtel Services shall not be liable for the partial or total loss of points awarded.

2.   Member responsibility

The Member assumes full responsibility for the use of points earned under the Programme. Members are reminded that according to Article II - 2, the points accumulated are for the exclusive benefit of the Member and cannot be transferred to third parties.

Any breach of the Programme's General Terms and Conditions of Use, or any fraudulent use of points, forgery, theft, violence or repeated non-compliance with the internal rules of hotel staff who are members of the Group, may result in the termination of the Member's adherence to the Programme and the deletion of Points acquired in their online Account, without prior notice or compensation.

Article VI. Modification of the general conditions

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice by Contact Hôtel Services. Contact Hôtel Services remain committed as long as the offer is electronically accessible by them.

Article VII. Use of data

The information obtained from Members (identification data, account data including the account number etc.) is intended for use by Contact Hôtel in the context of the Contact & Moi loyalty program.

This data is stored by Contact Hôtel during the entire duration of the loyalty program.

Our full privacy and confidentiality policy is available on this page:

The information on the online registration form marked with an asterisk is mandatory. The membership cannot be accepted if these mandatory details have not been filled in.

Article VIII. Member Rights

In application of the provisions of Articles 39 and following of the French Law of 6th of January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, all nominative information given by the Member is permanently accessible and may be the subject of immediate rectification or deletion. The Member also has the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to his or her data being processed or used for purposes of prospection, in particular for commercial ends.

To exercise these rights, the Member may send a request by e-mail to: or by mail to:

Contact Hôtel Services

Contact & Moi

2 Rue de Preize

10 000 Troyes – France

Article IX. Privacy Policy

To view the privacy policy, click here.


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